Advice from others.


from kevin in regards to islands in the Pacific:

“you better get your ass on a steamer and explore the samoas/hebrides etc. that was one of my cooler trips. i once had something to the effect of 300,000 miles and I spent 90K of them dotting the pacific for four weeks. i took slow boats too! must be done. eating cold canned food on hot nights in moon’lit pacific minor islands where there IS NO HOTEL so you sleep on the beach (island had 100 people) and you just got on the next boat two day later. view 13 galaxies with the naked eye everynight.”

from Joseph in regards to the Hawaii’s Big Island:

“kiholo bay beach-also need a 4×4 to access unless you want to hike. this was just south of our resort. super beautiful, clear shallow water. basically it’s a beach that connects to a peninsula. you can walk across the water since it’s so shallow, no more than neck deep. sea turtles everywhere. and the area is fed by a freshwater spring, so you can feel the cold freshwater on top and the warm sea water on your feet. plus if you have goggles, you can see underwater where the fresh and salt waters separate, which looks like a mirror. finally there are two SICK mansions on the beach (of course on private property). one is the paul mitchell house (the cheesy bearded guy who sells hairspray), whose house looks like something out of the video game MYST. and the other is owned by the guy who invented the pacemaker; its ginormous.”

from Sarah a beautiful photo:


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