Getting there. 

This week our life here started to come into focus. I got a car. D and I went to hula class. I learned how to use a slow cooker. We visited the closest beach to our place. And I got to see more friends. There’s so much to be grateful for. Being able to live in NYC and Hawai’i is such a privilege. Being able to enjoy it the way we are is a dream. The only time I’m really sad is when Ken isn’t with us. D likes us to be all together. 

D’s activities are starting to take shape. And that’s the most important thing to me. But for myself, I’m excited to reconnect with things and people that I loved when we were here last. Like Lanakila Pacific. I’m generally a very cautious and cynical person. But today, there’s been no reason for that. Maybe I’m shedding my New Yorker outer layer. As here in Hawai’i, it’s inevitable not to. 🌈


We have to go back!

Well. It’s 8 years later and here we are. Back for another show. But this time we have a new addition with us. And he’s over the moon about Hawai’i. Looking forward to sharing all our new explorations. In the meantime we’ve had some trouble settling in. But I have a good feeling about all of this. Aloha nui loa 🌺

The Machine

Me and KL are very organized and methodical.  We have a google wave of every item in every box that we shipped home. Here are the items in boxes #4 and #12:

4-dvds, LOST box set, router, books (Good Poems, Letters to a Young Poet), Dharma beer, little bears, jump rope, harmonica, hand grip

12-honu bowl, doorstop, oahu revealed book, 2 wine bottle bags, Annie candle and soap, red envelopes, bathing suit and swimming trunks, lanakila staff shirt, white beach shirt, art fair pillow case, thomas wylde clutch, bose ear phones, rearview mirror hangings


Cautiously Optimistic

By all appearances we’re doing well in our packing, cleaning, and general errands.  I have to remind myself that there isn’t really that much to worry about.  We’ll be back in NY very soon and it’ll be very easy to be a worry wart there.  Must relax…except I have a job interview the day after we get home and I’ve been parked in front of my computer emailing (and blogging) hours out of the day while the sun shines and the beach calls.

Saw Beth and her gang for breakfast.  It’s odd to be going through this life change while everyone around us is going through it too.  I wish we could have sat at Cinnamon’s all day….I’m going to miss them.

Don’t go breakin my heart Coro!

This is Coro being driven away by someone else. We donated the car to Lanakila Pacific and they came to pick it up.  It’s very strange how attached you become to an inanimate thing.  Like having this vague irrational thought of ‘I hope Coro is ok’!

Weird.  But yes, we miss it.  It was a good car to us.  It was an incredible thing when we bought it and that we owned one at all.  This is the day we drove it home for the first time:


We visited our old place today when we were coming back from getting coffee.  It felt nice. It was easy to remember what it felt like living there. I took alot of pictures of this pond.  It’s changed alot!

In some ways I think Ken and I just want to go already.  The organizing and saying goodbyes feels, at this point, sad.  A typical event runs through my mind like this:

oh tonight will be the last night I’m going to see so-and-so
it’s so nice to spend time with so-and-so
i’m going to miss so-and-so
is this the last time i’m going to see so-and-so?
i’m sure we can squeeze in another time to see so-and-so

and the goodbye is never done.

i hate goodbyes.  i love so-and-sos.

what I love of the last two years (some of it)

This house.

Wednesday Meals on Wheels

Yoga with Sarah

Blanket Camp with Beth…as well as dancing with Beth, eating with Beth, and drinking Pink things with Beth.

Sushi Sasabune

Annie in general.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

The Green Baron


Full moons in Lanikai.

Neighbors leaving fruit on our porch. and V Lounge


Lisa, Marian, and Marlena at Lanakila Pacific.

Badass Hula



Brigitte and Manny



Making ginataan with my mom



Kawailoa Rd.



Gabby, Jake, Ginger, and Nunu




New friends





The Mokes