Rollin Homey

This isn’t my car but I wouldn’t mind if it was. It look likes Mystik stickers from the 80’s.

This past weekend I drove to Koko Marina to meet Sarah for an amazing Bikram class. Manny didn’t disappoint. I got into such a zone that by the end I wasn’t breathing heavy, even though I worked so hard and I looked like someone dunked me in a tank. But that’s not the news.

I. drove. myself. there. Granted it took me 45 minutes, but I got there in one piece. It’s the longest and farthest I’ve ever driven by myself. Though I didn’t think about that until after the fact. I just knew that I wanted to get there and I didn’t want K to have to drive me after working so hard this past week.

It turned out to be fun. I have a feeling that I secretly love driving. We’ll find out soon because Ken reserved a car for me today at Alamo-National. We decided to go with renting a car rather than buying because we’re only here for another 7 months or so. To have to cope with getting rid of two cars seems silly. Also, they gave us the kama’aina rate which was awesome. There are slim pickings when it comes to compact rentals. This article helped me decide on the Toyota Yaris.


1 thought on “Rollin Homey”

  1. Just wanted to say hello and that I enjoy your blog. Found it while researching the the yoga studio when Manny called and asked me to teach. I live in Lanikai too, if you ever want to drive together to yoga in Hawaii Kai (I un-secretly don’t love driving, I ride my bike everywhere I can). Have a nice day!

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