Wine and Dine

Sarah and Steve came over for dinner tonight–great company and great conversation. Hopefully they don’t get tired of the fact that almost all of our after dinner conversations are dominated by my curiosity about Hawaiian issues and the politics of statehood, sovereignty, etc.

Right before they arrived my friend Curtis sent me this YouTube video titled The Other Hawaii which touches on some of the struggles and contradictions that lie beneath the surface.

Sarah mentioned a couple of films that are being programmed this year at HIFF that sound really interesting: State of Aloha and The Last Princess, the latter sparking controversy among a number of Hawaiian groups.

As an Asian American, I feel a very instinctive connection to Hawaii. I feel like I don’t have enough time to understand the nuances of these issues and the politics surrounding them. My conversations with Sarah and Steve really help.

On a lighter note they brought tonight’s dessert which was RAD. Sorbet and gelato from a place called La Gelateria. The flavors they brought were Hazelnut Frangelico and Dragonfruit. The tagline is Made in Hawaii since 1981. They said it isn’t really a store, that they provide gelato to restaurants on the island but sell pints from their location. Steve said it doesn’t even look like a storefront–you walk in and there’s a desk and a fax machine.


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