Inbetween Days


K started work this week.
And with that, I’m left with a finite number of days to make the most of my time in this beautiful place and be useful in the process.

In two weeks, I start hula classes. Everyone back home laughs when I mention this.  Our  idea of hula is such a bastardization of how beautiful and intense it is.  I’ve come to understand  that it’s  key to understanding Hawaiian culture and history.  It’s funny because I get very serious and righteous when people laugh even though I don’t really know anything yet. I’m going to Michelle’s teacher and I’m excited about it even though it feels intimidating. There’s a list of things I have to bring on the first day including a three ring binder. I feel like buying a trapper keeper.

In other news Beth came over for lunch today. I told her the other day that our blogs are like sisters. She’s kindred.


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