A hui hou!


It was a mad dash for us to pack up our life in Hawaii for the Summer and head back to NY.  We had four days after K’s family left.  K was incredible.  Encroyable!  He was a packing/moving machine.

It was very sad to leave.  In our last few days we ran alot of errands.  Did our last Meals on Wheels route and donated anything we couldn’t store or  bring back to NY.  We had alot of food.  I gave Hawaii Food Bank a call and they said they could take anything that was unopened.  Even perishables!  We packed a box and brought it to their drop off location.


We didn’t get to buy much pasalubong this time around but we got some stuff.  Like a color copy of Kalapawai Market:


…trinkets from a store we’d never noticed before at Ala Moana mall:


I saw these for future pasalubong:


And as we left I had a chance to snap a pic and say goodbye to my favorite koi:


At least I’m pretty sure that’s him.

All in all it was frenzied but complete.  We had one of my favorite meals for our last lunch:


We found out what happened to that gecko that hitched a ride with us to the gas station a few weeks ago:


And we took a final quick swim at our beloved Kailua Beach.  I’d packed all my bathing suits and put them in storage so I had to go swimming in my nightgown.  It was awesome.  24 hours later we were in NY.  My heart is filled with love for Hawaii.  It was a great season and I can’t wait to come back.




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