Party time!


We all went kayaking on the canal by our house on the day of the I Love Kailua! town party.  All this time in Kailua,  we never went kayaking.  I personally never thought to kayak on the canal.  I thought the water looked a little yucky but once again I was wrong.  We had great fun.  I loved seeing the different homes along the canal. A few months ago K and I saw a sale listing for a house by a canal.  The copy read ‘the charm of canal living’.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  I thought it was the funniest thing.  In my mind it may as well have read the ‘charms of garbage dump living’.  I don’t know why canals have such a bum rap in my mind.  Maybe because I worked off of Canal Street in NY or maybe because K told me that the Ala Wai Canal has a the reputation of being a swamp.  Point is, the homes that we saw while kayaking were in fact charming and it felt very relaxing to float down the canal.


By the time we arrived at I Love Kailua! it was in full force.  The elusive Tat’s Shave Ice truck was even there.  There was only about an hour left, lots of people and long lines.  We got scrips but the only food I got to try were these little baby donuts coated in sugar and cinnamon.  They were like funnel cake only little baby donuts.  We also caught a couple of impressive performances at the Hula Stage.  K pointed out that despite the gentle movements if you looked closely you could see the dancer’s hands shaking with the effort.  Like ballet dancers!



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