Food thoughts

One afternoon we headed up to the North Shore to show K’s family where he works sometimes.  I was excited to try Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck.  I thought it would be hard to find but after calling them and getting some directions we found it quite quickly across from McDonalds and right before Cafe Haleiwa.


By the time we got there, they only had shrimp scampi available.  The portion was generous: two scoops of rice and a dozen shrimp.  We were all pretty hungry.  But not as hungry as Kevin.  He ordered a second shrmp scampi and finished it as fast as the first plate.  The next day I asked him about it and he said, ‘because it was delicious!’  Just thinking about it now is making me kind of hungry.

Sarah, Steven, and I got on the topic of Zippy’s one night.  I said that we hadn’t tried it because I thought it looked ‘not good’.  Sarah described it as a kind of Hawaiian institution.  She explained that even her parents would go to Zippy’s when they were in town.  With that in mind we took K’s family there the next morning for breakfast.


It was pretty delicious.  I had eggs with cheddar cheese and corned beef hash. They were right.  If I’d known about it sooner we’d be there all the mornings that the line in front of Boots and Kimos was too daunting.

In closing, I know I’ve talked about this before but the mango pudding at Royal Garden in Ala Moana is so yummy.  Not too sweet, totally creamy, totally refreshing. I could imagine carrying around a bunch of these in a cooler bag as a mid-day snack.



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