Frog in Nancyland

K’s brother hated the creature part of Hawaii living.  The geckos freaked him out at night.  Talking to him about it reminded me how similarly I felt when we first moved to Hawaii.

For the most part I’m cool with Hawaii creatures.  But one night, when K’s family was visiting,  a gentle rain suddenly developed into a flash storm.    The air felt really thick and fragrant.   All the doors and windows were open and I peeked out the front and saw the oddest thing.


I almost yelled for K, but didn’t want to alarm the whole family.  I grabbed my camera and went in for a closer look.


I swear to god it looked like it was on the verge of talking to me.  I looked at it for awhile.  I took more pictures than this.  It was so unsettling.  Doesn’t it look like he has a message for me?



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