A fix.


Two things perplex me this morning:

  • why I can’t make good oatmeal
  • what are apple bananas

The oatmeal thing is like pancakes for me: I get the proportions of water to oats/batter wrong.   Every time I make pancakes I have to ask K what’s half of 1 1/2 and yet I still get it wrong and the pancakes come out like  manhole covers.  With oatmeal, half the time it comes out like kindergarten paste while other times the oats are just floating in too much water.


The apple bananas: the only thing I found online about them are that they’re a favorite among Hawaiian kids.  We bought them at the farmer’s market and no one volunteered any useful information other than you can only eat them raw if they’re really really yellow.  Out of the bunch we bought, one turned yellow shortly after we got them.  The rest are a very insistent non-changing shade of green.  I tried to open one this morning and put it in my oatmeal.  It took washing my hands 5 or 6 times to get the sap of my fingers.


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