On Way

A few years ago K and I spent four months living in a hotel in Vancouver for a project he was working on. When we got there we had no idea it would be as long as it was. Our time was a long frosty blanketed meditation.

We spent days and days doing who knows what… ordering room service breakfast, making sandwiches, crafting homemade Christmas cards, visiting the bookstore, figuring out how much to tip the various hotel services. Gray rainy days stretched out ahead of us. Paradoxically, dotted among these days were larger than life characters and a handful of unique experiences–like chillin with Don Rickles…

One day, months after we got back to Brooklyn, K was looking at pictures of our room at The Sutton Place Hotel. He muttered to me–we’ve gotten along in some pretty small places.

Which is very true.

Our time here in Hawaii couldn’t be more different and yet we’re left with long stretches of not having a routine even though we feel we should. There are moments in a day when everything stops and there’s nothing that I have to do. It’s jarring. Today we made the best of it and took a long walk and jumped into the ocean at the end to cool off. Now, what to do tomorrow….that’s tomorrow’s story…


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