Hurry up and get here


I’ve been searching for the perfect yoga mat.  Methinks it doesn’t exist.  I bought a Manduka prolite from local  Lily Lotus (my favorite) a few weeks ago and it didn’t work out.  I was slipping around in downward dog so bad that I thought I was going to fall and break my nose.  My teacher, Brigitte, came over to adjust me and I whispered ‘too slippery!’ And she got me a rental mat to use over the Manduka.  Before I left I checked the brand: it was a Harmony mat.

Trolling the internet for credible user reviews, I found a great blog called Om Shanti: A yoga blog. Not only did he have a nice post about slippery mats but he also had a recent post about the lack of diversity in American yoga classes.  Good stuff and thoughtful product reviews.  The blogger seems to prefer Manduka’s eKo mat.

I sent my proLite back to Manduka by UPS this morning.  The customer service person said she would send out my new eKo as soon as they receive it.

Ah yoga.  Ah things.  When will I not need things to do other things.


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