Thems Yummy


Last night we went over to K’s friend’s house for dinner.  They had a bunch of people over to their place in Lanikai.  It was our first time to see the inside of a Lanikai house.  K and I were marveling at how behind a modest facade such a spacious oasis could exist.  It was a beautiful space.  While we ate our chicken a little distance away from everyone, I told K that I would find it hard living in such a big place.  That when I pictured home, it was an apartment not a house.  K was like, ‘you think it’s because we’re New Yorkers?’ I pondered that.  Is it more natural to want lots of room or to be contained by a smaller place?  It seems funny to prefer less space but I do.

For dessert they made mini ice cream sandwiches:  m&m dark chocolate cookies with mint ice cream.  They have a mini dog named Nunu.  While we were watching tv, Nunu climbed on top of me and gave me and K tiny dog kisses which totally brought back memories of life with a dog.  Dogs make life better.


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