Coro the Car


We took Coro into Midas for the works: tire rotation, engine flush, brake realignment.  They did a pretty good job.  They were really fast and they called us a couple of times to give us updates.  In my opinion it seemed to cost alot.  But they did things like terra-mist for the ‘cabin’–which sprays a mist into the car through the vent system that kills bacteria and odor.

We walked to Boots and Kimos for breakfast while we waited.  We noticed on the way that a new crepe place opened a couple of doors down.  I want to go there for breakfast next time.  This is what the line outside of Boots and Kimos looks like before 9AM on a weekday:


We had Macadamia Nut Pancakes and a Portuguese sausage omelette.  After wards we walked to Macy’s so that I could find some workout clothes for yoga.  There was nothing there (as usual). It was drizzling on and off when we came out so we sat under the overhang and waited.  K answered emails on my phone and I took pictures of people in the parking lot.


Coro is our first car.  When we got him I didn’t really think too much of him.  I thought he was  a car like any other car.  But now, I find myself thinking that he’s a pretty good looking car. Particularly since we put the snazzy Hawaii stickers on him.  BTW I call Coro ‘him’ and K refers to him as ‘her’.


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