Kiss Met


I had a really remarkable evening in a couple of ways.  First of all, I was reminded tonight of how my heart belongs to writers.  Wing Tek brought together around 20 people  from Bamboo Ridge together to welcome Kimiko and her husband who are in town for work.  We went to Royal Garden and had a delicious 8 course meal.  The two standouts for me were the Mochi Duck and the Mango Pudding.  gosh.  They were good.

To be honest, I was a little reluctant to go because I didn’t feel much like seeing people today.  There’s a emergency wind advisory this evening and Rebecca called and asked us to bring in all the patio furniture.

I went anyway and I’m really glad.  I met a poet named Brenda and Kimiko’s husband Harold who’s writing, in short, the big book of Death.  Brenda shared some very interesting thoughts that I’ll assume are representative of how most Hawaiians embrace the idea and reality of spirits.  And sitting on my right side was Harold who shared his very rational (and reassuring) thoughts on why people see and feel things they would call spirits or ghosts.   In his opinion it seems to often correspond with great loss.

I’m still not sure.  But it’s very interesting how the universe answers one’s questions.


Also an AMAZING thing came back to me.  Darrel one of the founders of Bamboo Ridge told me about a Renshi (Japanese linking poem) project they did and I remembered that Pablo Medina, Meagan and I did a renga over a decade ago.  It’s so strange the things I forget.  The way Darrel described it made me want to try again.

Here are pictures of the parking lot cat trying to make friends with K while we waited for Michelle to pick me up 🙂



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