Kanye Oh Hey

Went to Kaneohe today for mac nuts and coffee.  In comparison to Kailua, Kaneohe is musky, jungly, very very green.  I don’t know that I’d like to live there but I love when we drive in.  Even in the car you can smell the mossiness.  It’s intoxicating.


Driving to Tropical Farm you pass cows, orchid farms, little wooden kiosks selling ice cold coconut, and acres and acres of trees.  It takes us about 30 minutes to get there and that’s a long way to drive for coffee but it’s worth it.


When we got home there was a gift from Mary in the mail: a year subscription to Diner Journal.  I totally forgot that she told me to keep an eye on the mail so it came as a lovely surprise.

Having dinner with Mary at Marlow and Sons is one of my favorite regular things.  It’s funny, the issues they sent have probably been hanging in their restaurant all the way out in Williamsburg.  They smell lovely like a catholic school classroom at 5PM. Love Mary! She’s so awesome.


Another awesome thing which I meant to mention yesterday though not on any kind of profound level like Mary is Spoonalicious Hawaiian Fudge for ice cream.  It’s really good.  It’s not even like fudge it’s more like pudding.  Pudding to put on top of ice cream.  For lunch the other day I started thinking about it and ended up scooping myself a big bowl of  ice cream just to put  spoonalicious on it for dessert after my lunch.  This is meaningful for two reasons:  I’m not that into ice cream and even when I am I’m not into fudge on top of it.  So. There you are.


And here’s a picture of the people that take care of the trees and grass around our temporary home.Kinda weird to be Asian with Haoles fixing the yard.  They all look like a version of Chris Atkins from the Blue Lagoon.


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