Next to the Foodland we shop at is a specialty food shop called RField.  K and I were loitering outside their window today while we were eating our Baskin Robbins.  There’s much more access to local products and produce here.  It’s easily one of my favorite parts of being in Hawaii.  Anywhere we go it isn’t hard to find a Made in Hawaii alternative.

In that context, I remembered today this Kombucha Gingerade that K and I had when were home.  For New Years Eve we went to Wholefoods for organic frozen pizza and ice cream. Instead of soda we got the gingerade and it was delicious.  It claims to cure many of life’s problems: cancer, obesity, etc etc.  Too bad they don’t sell it here in Hawaii.

When we saw the Domingo’s before we left NY, Ron said that he thought I was a vegan in my heart.  Something about that sounds right, except for my love of beef and good cheese.  Who knows.


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