Hau`oli Lā Hānau


Despite this gorgeous picture from my three hour walk on the beach, my birthday stunk.  The short story is that in the morning I videotaped a birthday ‘installation’  K left for me in the guest bedroom. When I played back the recording I heard something on the tape that sounded like a message from the non terrestrial world.  It was most likely a sound I made myself while holding the camera but regardless I was freaked out all day and still feel a little wary of what I taped.


I was so freaked out that I wouldn’t go upstairs all day and ended up going to the beach in my nightgown (with a cardigan) to walk and take pictures. I was too spooked to go up and get my pants or change into proper beach clothes.  But you know nightgowns, dresses, bathing suits…who can tell the difference anymore.


I walked and walked and talked to my friend Curtis on the phone while I took pictures.  We talked about loved ones, death, relationships, pretty much everything…it was nice even though I was keeping him on the phone because I was kind of lonely.  When K came home he watched my recording a few dozen times and decided that I’d made the noise myself.

In the evening we headed to Sassabune which was, until then, a guaranteed spectacular experience in the form of a meal.  The food was delicious as usual but because it was a Saturday night and they were busier than any other time we’ve been there the waitstaff was not friendly or pleasant.  Sassabune is what you could call the Sushi Nazi.  You have to eat everything the way they tell you. They tell you this everytime you call for a reservation: ‘ is this your first time?’ and ‘ you do understand our rules?’  K and I ended up eating way too much and when it came to our last course I was so stuffed that I could only look at the handroll and feel sick to my stomach.  I asked if I could take it home and was met with a very chilly response:  ‘um, he doesn’t like that (he meaning the chef)’ and ‘he doesn’t like his food to be taken off the premises’.


All I have to say about that is ‘Sheesh’.

So all in all the day was not that great.  But it leaves me feeling that as I begin my 36th year on this planet I have alot of contemplating to do.


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