Errand Day

it's fo real

it’s fo real.

Today was errand day. Here are my notes:


K and I learned from the lady posted in front of Foodland that Hawaii needs blood!  So we signed up to donate blood.  It seems that they have a monthly blood drive at the Bloodmobile at Don Quijote Kailua.  You can call 808-845-9966 to make an appointment.

Here are other people parked out in front of Foodland:


When I got my hair cut at The Fix there were fliers for a yoga place in the same complex.  I’m trying to find a good yoga school and as far as I’ve assessed Koa Yoga is as good as any of them.  What it seems to have above the other schools is Sunrise Yoga with breakfast on Lanikai Beach.


Under the Hula Moon at Kailua Shopping Center in Kailua Rd. is a great place to find odd little gifts like hula mouse pads, turtle drawer pulls, handmade Kailua cards, and starfish.

Today we also bought a birthday present for my mom at Lanikai Bath and Body.  I haven’t personally tried their products or even heard about them but they seem to be all natural products made in Hawaii.  I particularly liked the Pikake lotion we got for my mom which is a combination of kukui, noni, and macadamia.  As we were leaving a curious shopper came in to check the place out.  I asked her to pose for a picture:

Finally we went to Lanikai Juice in the same strip of stores.   Matthew Fox took Oprah and Gayle there as one of his favorite places in town which naturally gave the place a higher profile.  It was fine.  I’m not crazy about complicated juices.  I like plain pineapple and kalamansi juice or sweet soy bean milk.  I got the Ginger Snap which was perfectly fine.  Maybe I’ll try the popular Monkey next time.  K got Coco Champ and he said it was good enough for him to finish the whole thing.

At Lanikai Juice we ran into some Aloha overload:

Afterwards we went to Kailua Public Library.  It was quite nice. Though I don’t know many libraries that aren’t.


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