Kailua- 2nd Interlude: One Month Mark

We’ve been in Hawaii exactly one month today. Aptly, I’m having dinner with my friends tonight for the first time–friends that will introduce me to another poet living in the area. I’m nervous. I haven’t been around alot of people in the past thirty days or so. I can imagine feeling out of practice. Either way this week has been about not only letting go of New York, but finding a place for myself here in Hawaii so I say bring on the awkwardness. I’m ready!

Last night we watched Obama’s speech and I made my first cake. It was a cake out of a box and I probably have made one like it in my lifetime but when it was, I can’t remember.

Beachwear brands for the imperfect:

  • Juicy Couture
  • Malia Mills
  • Ecko

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