The beginning of Good-byes

These days are mostly controlled chaos.  We had a BBQ at our house this weekend to celebrate our friend’s birthdays and in a way to begin our  process of saying goodbye.

This morning I started going through the books and papers I’ve accumulated over two years.  I came across my folder of letters from Ruth that she sent when I first moved here.  Every time I open it my heart clenches up.  The first line of the top letter: Hullo, I hear Obama is in Honolulu.

Going back isn’t hard for me.  I look forward to what comes next. But this place and the life that we’ve had here! I’m more grateful than I can express.  It comes down to one thing: this house.  It changed everything for me.  The most painful parts of my life, Ruth was always there with me. She gave me the strength to face everything because I knew I had her friendship.  In many ways, this house has eased the pain of losing her.  I wake up everyday and I see the ocean and sunshine.  When we move out, it’ll be like leaving a great friend.


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