the more you ignore me…

Ken got me a Canon for Christmas.  I love it.  I don’t know how to use it but I love it.  At night after he falls asleep I read lens reviews and blog posts about exposure.  When my eyes are too tired to read anymore I go to sleep very satisfied that given the opportunity, I’ll be able to take a perfect picture of the Mokes by moonlight.  But it never work out that way.  By the time the shot is in front of me I panic and switch to full auto mode, ending up with lots of blur or sometimes just pitch blackness.

Last night in Chinatown was a great chance to take action photos in low light.  Wing Tek had a private dragon dance at his office followed by dinner, then wonderful cacophonous firecrackers and lions.  I took 500 pictures.  Most of them are crap but what I liked was that under normal circumstances I would have moved farther away from the noise after taking a peek at the action.  But with my camera I wanted to get closer and closer.

Lunar new year food is the bomb!


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