Grillin Grillin

At Beth’s house last week I ate a burger her brother grilled and though nicely charred on the outside it was pink pink on the inside. I ate it all anyway because I like steak tartare. This reasoning had me pretty sick for the rest of the night. We played the game Werewolf and at one point I was torn between leaving because I felt like I was going to die and playing another round of the game.

Grilling is a mystery to me. I likely wouldn’t have fared better. Measurements, temperatures, timing…generally befuddle me. The fact that I can cook anything is because I’m really good at following recipes. And I use the term ‘really good’ loosely.

My friend Seth was incredulous when I told him that I didn’t know how to use an outdoor grill. I pointed out that among the many things I didn’t know how to do here, grilling was low on the priority list. Learning how to drive without killing myself and other people basically usurps everything else.

A few days later Seth and Melissa came over and showed us how to use our grill. Or I should say they showed K how to use it and it did in fact look pretty easy. Our burgers were perfect–delicious. And they were ready alot faster than when we make them on the stove top. I think part of it is my great burger recipe. Next time I want to try steaks.


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