Washa Washa Washa

We’re in a sublet for the next two weeks. It’s designed to be very utilitarian and easy to clean. Primarily because it functions as a short-term beach house. All the appliances are super new and have a solid feeling about them but the result of all these smooth surfaces feels a little cold and not homey.

With that said, I love this washing machine. However discombobulated I feel the way we’re living right now is no comparison to our quality of life in Manhattan.

Like most, we have to take our laundry to a public laundromat. Sometimes you’re washing your clothes next to a homeless person who is basically sitting there in as little as he/she can wear. Once I watched a homeless man ask a young girl folding her laundry if he could have a shirt. Luckily a man close-by (who was more compatible size-wise) gave the guy one of his shirts.

Psychologically it makes a huge difference to wash your laundry at home. For me, it borders on pleasurable to use this washing machine. First off, it’s shiny. It has lots of settings. It has wrinkle guard. And when it’s in use, it’s so quiet it sounds like a cat purring.


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