Lost in Transition

We’ve been in our hotel for a week and two days. Our hotel is perfectly lovely. It’s comfortable enough and everyone here is very nice to us. They also serve this juice at their continental breakfast which is basically like a non-alcoholic pina colada–pineapple juice with a little coconut flavor. It’s yummy. Every morning as soon as it turns 7:30 I put a dress over my pajamas and go downstairs to fetch a coffee, three pastries and this juice. I’ll miss it when we’re gone.

K and I are no strangers to hotel living. Once in Vancouver we lived in a hotel for over three months. Our apartment in Manhattan is smaller than alot of hotel rooms. I feel it’s a testament to how good we get along that we can live in these tiny places and not kill one another. In fact we take alot of comfort in each other’s companionship.

I used to say when K was my best friend and not yet my boyfriend that we would be ok in a cardboard box together. We’d never run out of things to talk about.

With all of this said, this week has been at times very frustrating and hard on us. We can’t wait to move into our new place. We can’t wait to cook our own meals. It would simply be great to unpack our bags.

It’s far from a bad life. But believe you me, I’ll be psyched to write a post in two weeks announcing that we’ve arrived and we ain’t leaving for awhile.


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