Aloha nui loa


I did my reading on Thursday!  It was so great.  I was so nervous but ultimately it was cathartic.  K did a run through with me at home and he gave me some great notes.  I think he’s a natural director.

Amalia put out a serious spread together for the pre-reading reception. I brought ginataan and it was mostly finished by the end.  The reading had a very intimate vibe.  I really enjoyed it and am very glad Michelle invited me.

K’s family came.  So did Sarah, Steven, and Seth which was very awesome.  There wasn’t anyone else in Hawaii that I cared to have there.  It was complete.

Sarah and Steven gave me the lei in the picture.  It’s a puakenikeni lei.  It’s so pretty but it’s also very very fragrant.  I have it hanging on the lampshade by our bed.  At night, three days later, I can still smell it.


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