K saw a bumper sticker on the road that he thought was hilarious.  It said ‘Eh! Try wait!’  Since then he’s been looking for it.  Someone at work told him that he might find it at Town and Country, a surf shop at Ala Moana.

They didn’t have it but a salesperson steered us to a lower level kiosk called ‘You Name It!’  Again, no luck but they did have three ‘pages’ of Filipino car stickers!  Incredible!  K and I were marveling that there probably isn’t any other place in the US that you can go to the most upscale mainstream mall and find dozens and dozens of Filipino themed car stickers. Hawaii is awesome.

I got one that says ‘Ilocano’ and then I got paranoid and called my mom to ask her if I was in fact half Ilocano and she quipped ‘no your American’.  She was on the phone with someone else and said she’d call me back.  Later she told me ‘I am Ilocano, your dad is Bikolano and I like to say we’re Bilocano.’  And then she started to go into this whole spiel and I told her I just needed to know if I could put this bumper sticker on our car.

Later I thought about it and told K, ‘so what if I wasn’t actually Ilocano, it’s not like I’m an elephant’ (in reference to our Ganesh bumper sticker).  He said that that in fact was very true.


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