Meals No Wheels


Today was my first day doing Meals on Wheels.  A couple of things went wrong right off the bat.  First, K got called into work and couldn’t do the training with me.  Second, Gladys (my trainer) apparently didn’t know she was training me.  And finally, a few minutes after Gladys and I started the route the car began to sputter in the fast lane of a busy road. We coasted down a hill and got enough juice to pull over on strip of grass along Kaneohe Bay Dr.  I think the sign on the dashboard could have had something to do with it.  Then it started raining.  And then I had to go to the bathroom really bad.

K had finished work by then and came for us. Winnie from Lanakila arrived with a new car for Gladys and we all set off to do the deliveries.


Despite the early obstacles I had a great time with Gladys and the route was very easy.  I found that I really enjoyed packing the meals.  It’s very satisfying.  K did the deliveries with Gladys, meeting all the recipients and in some cases putting the meals away for them in a fridge.  I hung back at the car organizing the food and punching addresses into the GPS.


At one point K was taking a long time at a delivery that he did alone. Gladys looked up and said  ‘what happen? kidnapping?’  I’m looking forward to seeing her again next week.


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