We went to a party for K’s friend’s new restaurant over the weekend.  At the end of the night, as things were slowing down, he gave K one of the many leis from around his neck. It’s one of the prettiest leis I’ve ever seen!

The next day I met with writers I’m reading with at the end of the month.  They asked me what my plans were here in Hawaii.  I told them about the film  Noho Hewa, and how it sparked my curiosity in Hawaiian issues like affordable housing. Michelle said that my interests might eventually lead to studying hula as some forms are a way of telling Hawaii’s ancient history.

I asked her about it in an email later and she broke down the different hula hulaus and said there would be performances at the I Love Kailua! town party.   She thought I could get a sense of what I wanted to study from being able to  see the different styles. I find it tres cool. 


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