Clean Living


Many years ago, I had a beloved little white top from a store called Language on Mulberry St.  It was a white silky bandeau that fit me perfectly.  I wore it for many fancy occasions.  When it was time,  I brought it to the dry cleaner across the street from my apartment in NY.  It was nothing special, just your average neighborhood dry cleaner.

A few weeks later I was getting ready for a party and brought it out,  still wrapped in the dry cleaner’s plastic.   I put it on…I mean,  I tried to put it on.   After the initial shock I realized it had shrunk to a fraction of it’s original size and would have fit a 5 year old snugly.

Since then I’m more careful.  It’s not so easy here in Hawaii to find things by researching online.  As I’ve mentioned before, the best way to find anything is by word of mouth.

I called my favorite store in town, Aloha Rag, and asked them if they could recommend a good cleaner.  They came back with Hayukosha Royal.

We have to attend a restaurant opening on Saturday so we took our fancy duds to be cleaned today.  Their website says they use a GreenEarth system of dry cleaning– detail oriented and environmentally aware. Best of both worlds.


K’s family is arriving in a couple of weeks.  We agreed we need some help getting the house in order..


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