When all other lights go out.

We’ve had two power outages in the past 2 weeks. Our neighbor Corey said that it happens regularly on stormy/windy days and that it takes the electric company forever to fix it. I told K that I was terrified that the power would go out on a night that he was working late. This last Monday it happened. It was about 6PM and it was getting darker and darker. Our place is somewhat remote. It’s hard to find our front door. Even with all the power on it feels very isolated.

I shut down my computer to conserve the battery and fetched our hand-crank flashlight from the kitchen drawer. I turned it on even though the sun was mostly still up. I felt like Frodo.


I wanted to conserve every last drop of power on my iPhone in case I needed to entertain myself or talk to someone until K came home.  But I decided that texting him about the blackout was worth the battery juice.  Two seconds later he replied he was on his way home.  Joy!

So I sat down and played Supermarket Mania until he got home 20 minutes later.  Because our oven is electric we went out to Lucy’s Grill for dinnr.  I had a glass of Reisling and Opah Crab Dynamite with sweet potato mash. Disaster averted.


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