This is Alan


This is Alan’s salon


Back home I go to the most perfect hair stylist/friend that anyone could ask for. My hair and who cuts it has been an issue for me since the age of 14 (when I discovered leave-in conditioner).  In 16 years I’ve only gone to four stylists to whom  I’ve been devoted to at each turn: Rodney Cutler, Hyunsoo Kim, and Hiro Haraguchi. All three of them are amazing and I’d go to them again in a heartbeat but they don’t compare to my dear friend and hair guru Kaz.  I’m deeply attached to him and he’s one of the elements I miss most about life in New York.

With that said,  Alan Vuong is great.  His salon (which he owns with two friends) is stylish, well-designed, and comfortable.  The staff is friendly and sharp.  Alex, who shampooed my hair gave me a fantastic massage.  I normally am indifferent to the shampoo massage, but what Alex did felt so good–she’s very intuitive about how much pressure to use.

Alan is like the glamorous Hawaiian Edward Scissorhands.  He really tried to draw out of me through conversation my likes and dislikes in regards to hair.  He gave me tips on using a straight iron and blow drying.  He’s a very sweet individual and very excited about his work.  My hair looks and feels really healthy and has great shape and movement.   I’ll definitley go back to him for a cut before my big reading on the 24th.


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