Oh Bama


This is my last post before Obama becomes President.  After the election my rabid enthusiasm dwindled but in the last few hours I’ve begun to feel emotional about tomorrow.  It’s an exciting time: New Year,  MLK day, the Inauguration, K’s birthday, and then Monday is the start of Lunar New Year–like a categorical clean slate.

Sarah and I have gone to yoga at Open Space everyday since Saturday.  I’m amazed at how easily I’ve been able to relax back into it.  The great thing about Open Space is that the teachers are very present, skilled, and you feel that they really want to help you.  It seems like a good mix of skill levels among the students.  The fact that I can’t say for sure is really a testament to how well they run their classes.  I’m not focused on other people.  I’m comfortable enough to concentrate on my own practice and not feel the self-consciousness  or competitiveness you find in lesser schools.  I miss class with Dharma but this place is very special and I’ll absorb many benefits while I’m here.


I didn’t really understand why the school says it’s in the Historic Arts District of Chinatown but the picture above is Nu’uanu Gallery at Marks Garage one of the storefronts I passed on the way to class.  It was small but had really interesting contemporary work.  Speaking of which I wish I was in NY to visit this: Can. Did.


When Sarah was driving me home the other day she kept asking me where to turn and I just kept yapping away forgetting to tell her how to get to my condo.  I told her it’s because I have this idea that she knows everything about Hawaii.  It seemed natural that she would know how to get me home even though she’d never been there.  Things that Sarah has shared with me that I find interesting:

and lucky Mochi for New Year to put on your dashboard.


Finally here’s a video I really liked today.  Happy Obama Day everyone.  I pledge to be more gentle and find ways to help others in whatever way and whenever I can.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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