The Medical Corner at Kailua

When I got home from NY the first time, I developed a really bad ear infection in both ears.  I think it migh thave been related to staying overnight at the hospital with my friend several nights.  The days leading up to us flying back to NY slowly became torture.  It turned out that my health insurance didn’t cver me on the island of Oahu.  I told K that I would suck it up and wait until we arrived back in NY.  I decided that I would sleep as much as I could and give my body a chance to heal.  This turned out not only to be stupid but I could do little else.  A couple of days before our flight I woke up from a nap and didn’t even have the energy to sit up for very long.  I called K who was at work and he came home not long after and took me to the The Medical Corner in Kailua.  His coworker who has lived in Kailua for a long time recommended it.

I mention all this because I was so scared about going to an emergency room in a place I wasn’t so familiar with.  And I’m a little bit of a neurotic when it comes to choosing almost anything.  I have this motivation to find the ‘best’ or at least know the back story for whatever person place or thing I’m getting involved with–especially doctors.  The people at The Medical Corner were so nice and very fastidious.  They gave me antibiotics and pain meds and asked me to come back the day we were flying to make sure I could fly.  My ear was so swollen that they couldn’t see one of my ear drums.  We came back on Saturday and the doctor on duty gave me more antibiotics, more pain killers, and gave me some advice about flying.  She suggested I take Zyrtech to cut down on the production of mucus thus cutting down the pain and pressure of altitude change.  It all worked.  I got home in one piece and with very little pain.  I even slept soundly because of the good drugs.  I would definitely go back there for help if I needed it.


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