No, not fishy at all!  Tamashiro Market that is.  I found this place on Yelp when I searched for the best place to find fresh fish.  As I’ve written before one of the dishes I’ve learned to make very successfully is Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi.  The other day K and I decided to explore the boundaries beyond Foodland Kailua.  We had found the mac nut farm the other day and I’d been eager to check out this market.  It was smaller than I had pictured but packed with so many kinds of foods!  K and I circled the tight aisles a few times.  I kind of felt like Alice in Wonderland, like I was spinning and couldn’t focus in on one thing.  Finally K said something that brought me back to the filet counter.  We got to two beautiful filets and left with little else.


Driving from Honolulu to Kaneohe took awhile.  I likened it to taking the subway from the East Village to the Upper West Side and then back down to the LES in search of fresh ingredients.  That would have been a nightmare. Instead we’re in Hawaii driving past awesome mountain ranges, orchid farms, stretches of ocean, and strange beautiful trees dripping with vines and lush green.

I love the mac nut farm.  We picked cinnamon macadamia nuts and decided to try a pound of the macadamia kona coffee.  The fish ended up so much better.  In fact we had enough to reheat for lunch the next day and even THAT tasted better than our Foodland version. Definitley one of my favorite things about here in Hawaii.

Also the kona coffee is so good that whenever I get a whiff of it I CRAVE at minimum a cup.


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