A couple of Mac nuts

Oh what an amazing day.  K and I wanted to be together because we suspected it would be a day we would want to remember.  He had to work so I went to set with him and got to see some beautiful sights in Kaneohe.


On our way to a location one of K’s coworkers told us about the macadamia nut farm close by and that they had free coffee.  So before he started working we went to the very cool little farm and picked up a delicious cup of macadamia kona.  It’s great place to know about for future pasalubong (greeting gifts).


We’ve been watching CNN for hours now.  We made a special election night dinner.  As we were running around getting things cooked and the table set I hear K say, ‘is that a SPIDER??’  In fact it was.  It was a Big Spider.


We had a mild freak out.  K trapped it in a tupperware container and we brought it out to the parking lot and let it go.  We later found out that it was a cane spider.  A harmless house spider that eats cockroaches and silver fish.  But like all the creatures here Hawaii it LOOKED downright sinister.

Tonight is a great night.  We had a great meal and basked in the satisfaction of seeing Hawaii’s son Obama become President Elect.



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