Our First Halloween in Kailua

We bought alot of candy.  Not alot alot but a decent amount.  Not one dang kid rang our bell. But I can’t say as I blame them given this story, we are after all strangers in this neighborhood.  Cory and Carrie, our neighbors, rang our bell to show us their pugs dressed as a prince and princess.  It was cute but, you know, we were like expecting kids.

I met Sarah for brunch and I got to try a new place: Mokes Bread and Breakfast.  It’s a very cute place.  I like the food at Boots and Kimo’s better but this place is really nice to sit and talk.  I got lost driving there because I forgot my glasses and I didn’t bring the GPS. It was fine I was only ten minutes late.

Finally we made steak salad for dinner from this easy recipe.


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