Weeks ago I got a ticket for an expired parking meter when I met my friends for dinner. It was the first time I drove by myself here in hawaii and K carefully told me how to get where I was going and where to park.  I put in enough quarters for 2 hours.  I ended up being about 10 minutes late and there was a big orange ticket for $35 waiting for me.

K wrote the check and I was feeling really bad that my first time out I get a freakin’ ticket. So I wrote a scathing letter saying that the cop must’ve been standing there waiting for my meter to expire and given the fact that my car was one of TWO cars in the whole empty parking lot that I felt the ticket was EXTREME JUSTICE.  I didn’t expect them to answer.  We even included the payment.  I just wanted to have my say.

So today I got a letter from the District Court in Kaneohe:

and a CHECK!!

I’m elated!


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