HIFF starts

Today was a pretty unique day in my newborn Kailua life.  The LVHIFF officially started today and it was the first day that I spent a chunk of time with the staff.  This morning I woke up late and made both Chuck and Sean late for the press conference.  I was mortified when I woke up at 8:17.  Chuck was picking me up at 8:30.  Egad.

Eventually everyone arrived where they were supposed to and the press conference was really lovely.  I’m glad I didn’t miss it.  I saw Sarah there and had a great chance to chat with her and Anderson.  Sean had told me earlier that Cliff Curtis was going to be at the press conference and I didn’t really make much of the fact that I didn’t know who he was talking about.  As Sarah and I were chatting by the entrance he came in and I realized that I’m a total fan of his work.  So that was really nice.

I ended up spending much of the day with Sarah.  I had such great time, particularly because I’ve been missing my girlfriends back home.  She took me to lunch at Nicos (my second time) and rather than ordering the special of the day I ordered what Sarah orderd: the Furikake ahi.  It was deeelicious.

I’ve written about this before but Sarah is the Art Director for a really unique magazine out here called Smart.  She described it as a Hawaiin Lucky but I find it to be much more than that.  As a newcomer to Hawaii it’s so refreshing to find a publication that goes deeper than the rest—an inside perspective to local talent as well as fashion insider favorites.  I picked up a copy at the hospitality suite and will definitely send away for a subscription.

The festival staff is so nice.  I don’t really know how else to put it.  I suppose it’s what everyone refers to as Aloha spirit.  Even under stressful circumstances they’re friendly and unfazed by last minute obstacles or tight spots.  I really respect what they’ve built.

Not much else is new.  we had to burn the bunnies when Rebecca came over for dinner. She was an ideal first guest. I can’t think of better circumstances in which to sacrifice the heartbreaking cuteness of wax lagomorpha.


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